What does a Certificate Mean?

In a country where 25% of high school graduates are unemployed, certificates mean everything because they might help a youth get a job! But beyond that, we hope they are indicators of learning and achievement. At Eden Clubs every child receives a Certificate of Achievement listing all the lesson topics they have been taught in Club. Front and center on the certificate is a name, a very special name, written in bold, capital letters in beautiful calligraphy. Very likely this will be the first certificate of achievement that child has ever received. During Certificate Day children are presented one by one with their certificates. Then they are reminded to take the “little they hold in their hand” and give it back to God who can multiply it in their lives and for the good of their community. They hold not only a piece of paper, but power to be transformed in their minds and to carry the message of transformation to others!

About the Author
EdenAdventures is a nonprofit focused on transforming children's attitudes and behaviors towards the environment through outdoor experiential education. Eden is based in Kenya, East Africa working among underprivileged children in orphanages and public primary schools.
  1. Lilian De Vito Reply

    Changing the world “one by one!”

  2. EdenAdventures Reply

    Great looking certificates!

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