Environmental Education Programs

Tired of Classrooms? Get Outdoors!

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Expand your classroom learning by bringing your students to Eden's Outdoor Learning Centre.
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Expand classroom learning through outdoor learning activities, team-building and camping.


  • Where is Eden located?

    Eden Outdoor Learning Centre is a stunning 25 acre piece of wilderness along the eastern side of the Malewa River north of Malu Ranch about 15 km from the NBO-NKU highway outside of Naivasha.
  • What Programs do you Offer?

    Eden offers a variety of programs to meet your needs. Day field trips or 1 -4 overnights with intentional outdoor learning activities.
  • What Ages can Come to Eden?

    Students of all ages are welcome for day trips. Students between the ages of 10 - 18 yrs. can come for our overnight experiences.
  • How Much Does it Cost?

    Depending on the program you choose the rates will be from 1000 - 5000 kes per student per day. This includes food, accommodation and facilitators.
  • What are the Accommodations?

    Students camp in 4 semi-permanent 'safari' tents.
  • How do I Book a Trip?

    Contact Miriam Smith at director@edenadventures.org

The Students Speak


"We can use garbage to make beautiful benches and this will help reduce the amount of garbage in our surroundings. I will be a role model to the people on how to use rubbish and conserve the environment."


"My whole life I have been inspired by animals. I enjoy learning about how they live, eat, sleep and hunt. This experience has widened my passion and introduced me to a bigger variety of animals."

Student from Mombasa

"When I look at this forest, I feel happy that no deforestation happened here. This tree makes me think about the ways we could conserve our forests and nature in general. Drought would not have occurred if the trees were not cut."

Aga Khan student

"When I was admiring the aloe plant, I saw its importance. People waste money to buy medicine instead of using natural herbal medicine. If only we could be more clever fewer people would have died because of health issues."