Learning by Doing

At Eden Camp kids get the chance to build their own rocket stoves. They must incorporate the principles of adequate air flow, some kind of ‘rocket’ chimney that combusts the smoke and use of reduced amount of firewood. Each group competes to see who can boil water fastest with the least amount of firewood. Experiential learning is a core value of Eden Camps and Clubs. We believe that kids learn best by using all of their senses and doing lots of experiments. This activity is designed to give kids the opportunity to experiment with solutions  for the very real problems associated with cooking with firewood – inhalation of dangerous kitchen smoke and consumption of too much wood.

About the Author
EdenAdventures is a nonprofit focused on transforming children's attitudes and behaviors towards the environment through outdoor experiential education. Eden is based in Kenya, East Africa working among underprivileged children in orphanages and public primary schools.

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