Eden Environmental Camps

At Eden Environmental Camp, children living in children’s homes, informal settlements or isolated rural villages are exposed to the wonder of creation through wilderness experiences, forest hikes, team-building activities and excursions intentionally designed to challenge campers to value, preserve and restore their environment. Eden Environmental Camp is packed with experiential learning and transformative experiences all infused with the values of Wonder, Worship and Wisdom.

Reaching Orphans and Vulnerable Children

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  • Where is Eden Camp?

    Eden Environmental Outdoor Centre is located outside of Naivasha, Kenya.
  • When is Eden Camp?

    Eden Camps take place on the weekends, usually 3 weekends a month. During holidays, we can schedule our normal 3 day camp during the week.
  • Who Comes to Eden Camp?

    Eden Camp is specifically intended for children who live in orphanages, shelters or informal settlements.
  • What Activities are there?

    Forest hikes, campfire stories, boat rides, solo reflection time, tree planting, team building games, and much more... Watch our Welcome page video to see more
  • Can I Help at Eden Camp?

    Yes, there are ways to be involved at Eden Camp. See our Get Involved tabs for more information
  • Tell me about your Staff

    Eden is run by dedicated staff who are trained in outdoor education including adventure programming and environmental education


"We can use garbage to make beautiful benches and this will help reduce the amount of garbage in our surroundings. I will be a role model to the people on how to use rubbish and conserve the environment."


"My whole life I have been inspired by animals. I enjoy learning about how they live, eat, sleep and hunt. This experience has widened my passion and introduced me to a bigger variety of animals."

Student from Mombasa

"When I look at this forest, I feel happy that no deforestation happened here. This tree makes me think about the ways we could conserve our forests and nature in general. Drought would not have occurred if the trees were not cut."

Aga Khan student

"When I was admiring the aloe plant, I saw its importance. People waste money to buy medicine instead of using natural herbal medicine. If only we could be more clever fewer people would have died because of health issues."

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Cultivating a Passion for Creation in Children

I joined Eden and my first experience was exceptional, satisfying and inspiring. It was something that I was looking for, a strong foundation for spiritual renewal, a platform for personal growth and a garden for inserting seeds of hope in children. My first camp was an experience I c
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God’s Hands and Feet

Eden Camps hosted girls from the Made in the Streets program. The girls got to experience the outdoors in a new way and learned to appreciate what God has made. Their eyes were opened to their individual responsibility to care for creation. In Kenya this message is so important becaus
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In their own words…

“A visit to Eden Camp It was so wonderful there. We played such games and ate some favourite food. We all ate together with Christina. The game included: tag tail, tail ball, shark and fish, scate ice [teambuilding skis] . The games were so wondeful and enjoyable. The food we at
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Learning by Doing

At Eden Camp kids get the chance to build their own rocket stoves. They must incorporate the principles of adequate air flow, some kind of ‘rocket’ chimney that combusts the smoke and use of reduced amount of firewood. Each group competes to see who can boil water fastest
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